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Location: ivoryton, connecticut 06442
Nationality: usa
Biography:   Artist’s Statement     Photography in Ireland was my first work, made in a place called “Ardoyne”, a housing estate on a hillside in North Belfast.  Black and white film, Kodak Tri-X and a couple of... read on
Public Project
Credits: tony donovan
Updated: 12/31/15

Photographs of the nearly constant ritual starting the 2nd half of the games at MIddletown Summer Hoopfest in Middletown, CT., 2010-2014.  Signifying unity and resolve.

For the past eight years I've photographed the games at a basketball tournament, Middletown Summer Hoopfest.  My goal has been to record the drama, spirit and grace found in the games at Hoopfest.  Every summer the pictures get better and my experience of being there grows fuller. Making these "starting the 2nd half" pictures began a new style for me.  Previosly I've almost always worked to frame my subject in a traditional, theatrical way, taking care to balence the subject, often a single figure in the center of the frame.  Focus there as well.

With these "2nd Half" pictures, for reasons of grouping and the speed of the action, because certainly the action would not repeat, I've learned to accept, even appreciate forms off-balence, out of focus.  What makes these pictures interesting for me is that their drama makes a form of it's own. 

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