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Commercialization of Senegalese Rice
Location: Belgrade
Nationality: Serbian-Canadian
Biography: Andrej Ivanov is an international, award-winning photojournalist. He is currently based out of Belgrade but has also lived in Montreal, Belleville, Kitchener, and Toronto. He fluently speaks English, French, Serbian, and he probably wouldn’t... MORE
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Commercialization of Senegalese Rice
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Updated Apr 2020
Topics Activism, Africa, Agriculture, Community, Desert, Documentary, Entrepreneurship, Environment, Feminism, Food, Freedom, Gender, Human Rights, Islam, Lifestyle, NGO, NGO Work, Oppression, Peace, Photography, Photojournalism, Rice Commercialization, Women's Voice Empowerment, Workers Rights, Youth
Although almost around 46 per cent of the population works in the agricultural sector, it only generates 16 per cent of the country’s GDP.

However, CECI, a Canadian NGO, through their Uniterra project, has worked to facilitate the commercialisation of local rice, from local growth and processing, as well as local sales points. One the key partners for the processing is spearheaded by the Fédération des Périmètres Autogérés, employing mainly women in their plant.

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Commercialization of Senegalese Rice by Andrej Ivanov
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