Andrej Ivanov

Freelance Photographer
La Ball Province
Location: Belgrade
Nationality: Serbian-Canadian
Biography: Andrej Ivanov is an international, award-winning photojournalist. He is currently based out of Belgrade but has also lived in Montreal, Belleville, Kitchener, and Toronto. He fluently speaks English, French, Serbian, and he probably wouldn’t... MORE
Public Story
La Ball Province
Copyright Andrej Ivanov 2023
Updated Jun 2021
Location Montreal, Quebec
Topics AAU, Basketball, Chris Boucher, Community, Documentary, Essays, Happiness, Hope, Peace, Photography, Photojournalism, Quebec, Sports, Teens, Youth
 C.B was formed by Toronto Raptors Center/Power Forward Chris Boucher. The grassroots AAU program intended to nurture young basketball talent from all walks of life in Montreal. Boucher was discovered himself by two brothers, Loic and Igor Rwigema, in 2012 and was part of an Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) program.
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La Ball Province by Andrej Ivanov
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