Iván Navarro

Location: Valencia, Spain
Nationality: Spanish
Biography: I make photoreportages at short and long term, at my own interest or commissioned. The center of interest in my work is in the small things, in the minimal, intimate stories. My work has been published in newspapers and magazines such as El... MORE
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Updated Aug 2020
Topics Book, Dying/Death, Essays, Family, Loss, Multimedia, Photobook, Photography
Nobody is prepared for his loving one’s loss. Mi grandma was a fundamental part of my life. When she suffered a stroke, i felt that sooner or later she would leave. Through this work, I have tried to retain her; retain that memory of what she meant to me.

Nintey-four is the torrent of sensations caused by the imminent loss of a loved one.

The "Ninety-four" book emphasizes the emotional aspects of work. It is an intimate piece, were we try to delay that final strecht that nintey-four story is. The object itself is a folder of memories, protected by a double flap.

Third prize in Dummy Award at Photometria Festival, Greece, 2017.
Book finalist in Best Photobook of the Year Award at Photoespaña Festival, 2018.
Book exhibited in Rendez-Vous image festival in Strasbourg, 2020.

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