Iván Navarro

Diablos rojos
Location: Valencia, Spain
Nationality: Spanish
Biography: I make photoreportages at short and long term, at my own interest or commissioned. The center of interest in my work is in the small things, in the minimal, intimate stories. My work has been published in newspapers and magazines such as El... MORE
Public Story
Diablos rojos
Copyright Iván Navarro 2022
Date of Work Jan 2011 - Feb 2011
Updated Aug 2020
Location Panamá
Topics Buses, Diablos rojos, Documentary, Historical, Latin America, Lifestyle, Panama, Photography, Spotlight
The Diablos Rojos (Red Devils) are one of the hallmarks of Panama; buses purchased, repaired and managed almost exclusively by its own drivers. The Panamanian government, which has nationalized transport, wanted to withdraw them from the streets at the end of 2011; but the Red Devils has not abandoned Panamá.

This work aims to witness a way of life; an idiosyncrasy that shows us the colour and sound of the city, and the people that orbit around it.

Report projected in Photon Festival 2011, selected as finalist for the grant.
Projected in 8th edition of Fotoaplauso Festival.
Published in spanish magazine Gea Photowords.
Published in canadian magazine Outpost Magazine.
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