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The dream of an angel.... The
Location: Tehran, Iran
Nationality: Iranian
Biography: Pedram Salami was born on 28 August 1975 in Tehran, Iran. He is a freelance photographer of the Majority World Photo Agency. Pedram completed a Bachelor's degree  in the field of industrial management in 2005 from Azad University of... read on
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The dream of an angel.... The
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Updated Nov 2013
Location Bangladesh

The dream of an angel.... The sound of the wave...

Religion ,art meaning of life are all seen as they are now without ever struggling or wandering around to discover the secret of life all in vain. They make their living on the streets and gain maturity among the bushes. They live their lives in dumpster and look for their nourishment in the garbage and in industrial seems as if the latest poem of the 21 century is composed among the breath taking struggle of life .it is a long way away from the time that colonialism is eliminated thoroughly from the city .Amalgam of Islamic brotherhood and nirvana. The worship of God, nature and life simultaneously .Loftiness must be looked for in places where intellectuality is searched deeply in life rather than the face of life. Those holders of intellectuality are not the privileged ones but a bunch of ordinary people.

Sharing responsibilities doesn't make sense as what is now in Islamic /European city construction .the streets mean the whole city. Happiness, sorrow, birth, maturity and death.

Spending time in financial affairs would be all in vain. Each occupation is understood in the public. Cleanliness is stressed a great deal by religion rather than by personal values .Water exists lacking a precise separation between the drinking one and not drinking one .it is wondering that humans are astonished by the nightlife and beauty of Dhaka among the surrounding disorders and disturbances. This might be a warning for those living in Middle East that look for a better life faraway that is not attainable while the life they are looking for is very close to them, in their vessels and skin. We all must be the residents of our own cities and not like those who prefer living anywhere except their own homeland. Self-satisfaction gives meaning and direction to your life and builds up the temple of life from inside.

Life's meaning has always hidden its face from us. A playful kid that builds up its den out of the sight of the others among the ruins and far away from the crowd. We know where we are living and are more or less away of the time and world we are in. information age and global village , international citizens, simulation of the eastern cities to western metropolitan cities , but among all these something seems to be missing . He has made himself invisible and has run away.

Dhaka is a city of colonization heritage .A fertile plain at the mouth of a river. A fertile and merciful land that has gifted its surrounding with driving blessing than just mercenary .A change must be brought to the attitude toward these people. they are neither obsessed whit political disputes nor the social ones and are free from all the boundaries made out by Europeans . They are involved whit their compatriots and look for happiness their developed relationship. They live their lives in a city barren of private and public borders and move forward. Beatty, frugality, brightness, darkness, sprightliness. You can imagine where all these values originate from .they live among each other and feel meaning of life in human communities and not in abstract world......


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