Sarah I. EL Raghy

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Location: Alexandria, Egypt
Nationality: Egyptian
Biography: Sarah I. El Raghy Is a photographer and visual storyteller based in Alexandria Egypt who also sometimes, researches, translates, and writes. Sarah is interested in researching social changes and the impact of active movements on the self and... MORE
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signs "ongoing project.2021"
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Updated Dec 2022
Topics Animals, Community, Conflict, Culture stories, Emotion, Environment, Health/Healing, Illness, Isolation, Peacekeeping, Photography, Revolution
Signs (Ongoing project.2021)

The social fabric changed its course along the past ten years, the violent years of the Egyptian revolution, a change that created opportunities for diversity and building a hidden and subtle human connection between its members who with the increase of the social violence associated with the iconic revolution period, increased their possession to animals, It was as if they were looking for a shelter that provides them with a connection even if it was through their pets. This is a Multimedia, visual, research-based project, aimed to trace and understand the effect of the possession of animals on the language of self and social communication, Mental health, productivity, and artistic and literary creativity.
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Sarah I. EL Raghy / Alexandria, Egypt

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