Diego Ibarra Sanchez

Photographer; Educator; Video journalist
Location: Beirut, Lebanon
Nationality: Spanish
Biography: www.diegoibarra.com Diego Ibarra Sánchez is a documentary photographer based in Lebanon contributing for THE NEW YORK TIMES, NZZ, Revista 5W, UNHCR, and UNICEF, among others. Diego assumes a very critical stance regarding the use of images... read on
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diego ibarra sanchez
Nov 13, 2021
The campaign for "THE PHOENICIAN COLLAPSE is more than 80% funded with 17 days to go!

Creating a Kickstarter campaign can be a truly challenging experience as one has no idea how people will react. I can't thank those enough who have pledged so far…

And also those who have helped spread the word…
Muchas gracias. Thanks so much!

Please, Keep sharing!


Also by Diego Ibarra Sanchez —


The Phoenician Collapse

By Diego Ibarra Sanchez
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KICKSTARTER:"The Phoenician Collapse"

By Diego Ibarra Sanchez — The campaign to support “THE PHOENICIAN COLLAPSE” begins TODAY!..
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NYT: Inside a Historic economic collapse in lebanon

By Diego Ibarra Sánchez / Beirut, Lebanon — Frontpage @NYTIMES One year on Beirut blast.. #Phoenician Collapse
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NYT: As Lebanon's Crisis Deepens, Lines for Fuel Grow, and Food and Medicine Are Scarce

By Diego Ibarra Sánchez — As Lebanon’s Crisis Deepens, Lines for Fuel Grow, and Food and Medicine Are Scarce..
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Hijacked Education IMP FESTIVAL 2021

By Diego Ibarra Sánchez / Padova, Italy — #NEWS #exhibitions   "Hijacked Education" will be part of the IMP Festival in Padova, Italy..
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POY: Award of Excellence:Protests and Movements category

By Diego Ibarra Sánchez / Beirut, Lebanon — Award of Excellence for my story “THAWRA: Lebanese Revolution” in Impact 2020: Protests and..

NYT: Beirut Aftermath

By Diego Ibarra Sánchez — Tearsheet   Beirut Aftermath for THE NEW YORK TIMES On the afternoon of 4 August 2020, two explosions..
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By Diego Ibarra Sánchez / Beirut, Lebanon — NYT THE YEAR IN PICTURES: A Year Like No Other..
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NYT: "˜Call Me a Dreamer': A Shattered Beirut Neighborhood Rebuilds

By Diego Ibarra Sánchez / Beirut, Lebanon — ‘Call Me a Dreamer’: A Shattered Beirut Neighborhood Rebuilds Many worries  that a full..
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PANDEMIA: Miradas de una tragedia

By Diego Ibarra Sánchez — Pandemic  unites Latin American and Spanish photographers with the objective of creating a visual and..

Self-Portraits in Confinement

By Diego Ibarra Sánchez / Beirut, Lebanon — Everything is paralyzed.  Online conferences pull me away instead of closer. The future is a present..

NYT:A New Fire Erupted in Beirut Port, Just Weeks After Devastating the port.

By Diego Ibarra Sánchez — Blast Orange flames and a plume of black smoke rose over the city, terrifying residents still recovering..
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VISA POUR L´IMAGE 2020 Screening Nights

By Diego Ibarra Sánchez / Lebanon — ANATOMY of a revolution for THE NEW YORK TIMES https://youtu.be/rMRFvcm9uPk?t=1120

NYT: Beirut's Youngest Cancer Patients Lose Care Options After Blast

By Diego Ibarra Sánchez — https://www.nytimes.com/2020/08/12/world/middleeast/beirut-cancer-chemotherapy.html

GETTY IMAGES reportage AWARDS 2020

By Diego Ibarra Sánchez / Lebanon — #NEWS   @GettyImages Reportage AWARDS 2020 I'm honored to announce that I am a recipient of the..
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Masteclass online CANON ESPAÑA

By Diego Ibarra Sánchez — I´m thrilled to announce my first contribution with CANON ESPAÑA Save the date: TUESDAY, July..
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NYT: Bartering Child's Dress for Food: Life in Lebanon's Economic Crisis

By Diego Ibarra Sánchez — My latest contribution for @THE NEW YORK TIMES LEBANON DISPATCH Bartering Child’s Dress for Food: Life..
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SUNDAY TIMES: Lebanon crisis

By Diego Ibarra Sánchez — While warlords and tycoons bicker, Lebanon falls apart at the seams
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UNHCR:COVID freezes resettlement syrian family

By Diego Ibarra Sánchez — Syrian family awaits the end of lockdown to start a new life in Norway Airport closure put Wafaa and her..
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Yazidi Genocide

By Diego Ibarra Sánchez / sinjar, — Cover of the book "El genocidio del pueblo Yazidí", the latest book of the Spanish writer..

Economic misery engulfs Syrian refugees and their hosts

By Diego Ibarra Sánchez / Tripoli, Lebanon — My latest contribution for UNHCR Economic misery engulfs Syrian refugees and their hosts In Lebanon, the..
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Photo Exhibition Collective

By Diego Ibarra Sánchez —  Now you can see the latest photo exhibition of Fotoperiodistas de Aragón ""Yo lo vi..

Der Volkskrant: Domestic workers during the Lebanese economic collapse

By Diego Ibarra Sánchez — Ethiopian domestic workers sleep outside the Ethiopian consulate after  been abandoned on Beirut street..
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NYT: U.S. Limits Virus Aid for Masks, Gloves and Other Medical Gear Abroad

By Diego Ibarra Sánchez
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