Ian Cheibub

Visual Storyteller
London Fashion Week: The "Go-La" Film Exhibited
Location: Rio de Janeiro
Nationality: Brazilian
Biography: Ian Cheibub (b.1999) is a visual storyteller based in Rio de Janeiro studying media at Universidade Federal Fluminense. In his work, Ian tries to understand what are the mechanisms that the people from the Global South develop to survive and how... MORE
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London Fashion Week: The "Go-La" Film Exhibited
ian cheibub, marina zabenzi and vitoria de mello franco
Feb 22, 2022
"Go-La" is a short film that investigates, from capoeira's point of view, masculine fighting gestures in order to discuss borders, bodies and territories.

London Fashion Week - DiscoveryLAB presents: SASKIA
DiscoveryLAB presents: SASKIA at London Fashion Week 2022
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Ian Cheibub
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Ian Cheibub
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Ian Cheibub
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Ian Cheibub / Amazon rainforest
London Fashion Week: The
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