Fardosa Hussein

Ramadhan in quarantine
Location: Mogadishu, Somalia
Nationality: Kenyan
Biography: Fardosa is a Somali Kenyan documentary and humanitarian photographer based in Mogadishu, Somalia. Her photographic work focuses on daily life, treatment of malnutrition, and the impact of livelihood programs on women in rural Somalia. She is... MORE
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Ramadhan in quarantine
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Updated Apr 2021
Topics Africa, Covid 19, Dailylife, Documentary, Health., Health/Healing, Lifeinquarantine, Mogadishu, Photography, Ramadhan, Religion, Somalia
A year ago, the world went into a lockdown due to the COVID -19 pandemic. As a humanitarian photographer who spends most of her time in the field documenting stories, I found myself spending long days and nights in isolation at my apartment that I shared with two housemates. In April 2020, we started Ramadhan (one of the holiest months in the Islamic calendar) in lockdown. Some had the opportunity to spend time with their loved ones at home, while others like me spent time alone. In this series, I share some of my most intimate accounts in quarantine in Mogadishu, Somalia. 
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Fardosa Hussein / Array

Narrow Alleys of Xamar Weyne

Fardosa Hussein / Mogadishu, Somalia

A day at a COVID -19 treatment centre in Somalia

Fardosa Hussein / Mogadishu, Somalia
Ramadhan in quarantine by Fardosa Hussein
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