Alexis Holloway

Environmental Portraiture, Storytelling, and Fine Art Photographer
Our Road To Midwood Street
Location: Brooklyn, NY 11226
Nationality: American
Biography: I have been practicing seeing the world as it is right now, noticing the temporary spaces and relationships and thoughts we inhabit, knowing but not always understanding that our experience is what we make of it. I’ve immensely enjoyed... read on
Public Story
Our Road To Midwood Street
Credits: alexis holloway
Date of Work: 01/18/18 - 02/01/18
Updated: 12/03/19
Location: Brooklyn, New York
"I hauled a bag of trash to the curb just as a garbage truck rolled up. I handed the bag to the sanitation guy and he looked at me and asked, 'Why are you hanging on?'"

"Our Road To Midwood Street" by Art Schaffer, is an essay from Voices of Lefferts: The Flatbush-PLG Community Writing Journal, which recruits local residents to collectively tell the legacy and change of one Brooklyn neighborhood.

This local journal allows me to follow my neighbors around their homes, on the streets of Flatbush, and to local markets, churches, and parks while they tell me their stories: how and when they got here and why this is home. Within each series, I hope to provide an intimate window into the stories they tell.