Hilaneh Mahmoudi

Refugee Children in Istanbul
Location: Istanbul
Nationality: Iranian
Biography: Born in Tehran, Hilaneh Mahmoudi has degrees in mathematics and education from Azad University in Iran and York University in Canada. She has worked as a photographer on commissions by international NGOs in social and developmental projects... read on

As the Syrian war began and the inevitable crisis of refugees pouring in to turkey started, many NGOs and volunteers started humanitarian work in istanbul and other cities.  

I also started working with a few other volunteers, specifically on sending Syrian children to school. Many families, still in shock of the war, tired of the journey and terrified of the unknown future, forget about the present and how life must go on, especially for the children who are growing and changing every day.  Some don’t  think about their children’s interrupted education while they are trying to catch their breath.  

The pictures in this project are an ongoing attempt at documenting the life of some of the families we personally work with.  


By Hilaneh Mahmoudi —


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