Hilaneh Mahmoudi

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Location: Istanbul
Nationality: Iranian
Biography: Born in Tehran, Hilaneh Mahmoudi has degrees in mathematics and education from Azad University in Iran and York University in Canada. She has worked as a photographer on commissions by international NGOs in social and developmental projects... read on
Public Project
Townships of Cape Town
These images were taken in August of 2017 in 2 of the biggest townships of Cape Town, South Africa.  Langa and Khayelitsha.

Unfortunately things haven't improved much for the poor, who still live in townships that were designated to them during the apartheid regime. Zuma's government is corrupt and people believe after Mandela, no one worthy has been appointed to the country.   but people are becoming more aware by day,  Unlike many other countries, hope is something within reach.

Most of the unemployed residents of Cape Town live İn Khayelitsha, The crime capital of the country.  Khayelitsha means "new home". Khayelitsha,  created during the apartheid for the migratory workers, is the biggest black townshipon the Cape Flats.


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