Hilaneh Mahmoudi

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Location: Istanbul
Nationality: Iranian
Biography: Born in Tehran, Hilaneh Mahmoudi has degrees in mathematics and education from Azad University in Iran and York University in Canada. She has worked as a photographer on commissions by international NGOs in social and developmental projects... read on
Public Project
Nepal Water Struggle
Credits: visura
Date of Work: 12/31/69 - 12/31/69
Updated: 06/13/18

I was in Nepal November of 2017, to document the work of IRHA, a Swiss NGO working in the field of rain water harvesting in parts of Nepal as well as other countries. They wanted to show how they have impacted lives by installing tanks in rural schools and to also further investigate what can be done in the future. Their work, alongside their local partners (Guthi and Kanchan) has indeed improved many people’s lives. And they have all the right future plans to help further. 

Nepal is the second richest county with natural water resources. yet
almost all of Nepal suffers from lack of fresh drinking water as well as water for washing up. In small towns It is the job of women and girls (mostly) to walk long ways and fetch water from a spring or a source and carry it back home. In the cities like Kathmandu, water can be purchased from mobile tankers that drive through the city.  In Kathmandu the water pipe system is more than a hundred years old and very inefficient.  


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