hamzeh mohammad hosseini

covid-19 in underground
Location: Tehran,Iran
Nationality: Iranian
Biography: Hamzeh Mohammad Hosseini is a native Iranian, born in 1983. As a teenager, he was interested in photography and began making images at that time. Although he graduated in Control Engineering (Instrumentation major), he has been seriously involved... MORE
Public Story
covid-19 in underground
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Updated Jun 2020
Location Tehran, Iran
Topics Black Lives Matter, Covid-19, Covid-19 in Iran, Covid-19 in Tehran
After several years of US economic sanctions against Iran, living conditions in this country have become more difficult. As people have difficulty accessing relative social welfare. Among these problems, Covid-19 is a new problem that forced people to stay at home for several months. These photos show the Tehran metro. One of the busiest subways in the world that is now in isolation.
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