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Location: New York City
Nationality: American
Biography: About Peter: An art dealer, professor, author, lecturer, curator and collector. Peter Hay Halpert has authored numerous books, including several monographs on Hiroshi Sugimoto, as well as over 600 articles on photography. He has been a... MORE
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Ron Diorio: River To River - introducing new work
peter hay halpert
Oct 26, 2016
Peter Hay Halpert Fine Art is pleased to announce the launch of a new series of photographs by Ron Diorio.Titled "River To River," the series represents a new look at the changing urban landscapes of New York & London, from the Hudson to the Thames.

Diorio was born and raised in New York, and he still resides here. Meanwhile, for almost 20 years, London has been his second city, a place he visits frequently for work.

We begin with New Amsterdam (2016) image. Additions to this series will be introduced monthly. For inquiries, please contact us:
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