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Biography: Azin Haghighi was born in 1986 in Tabriz, Iran and lives and works in Tabriz. His father is a photographer so he learned how to use a camera and take pictures in the Age of 16. He has Associates degree in journalism and has started working as... MORE
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Date of Work Apr 2015 - May 2015
Updated May 2018
Topics Beauty, Black and White, Nude

In Greek mythology, beauty, fitness and trained muscle was considered a factor for human praise. Hercules, the most renowned Greek mythical hero had an amazing power and incredible courage. Hercules was a famous and great warrior. He successfully completed twelve difficult missions known as "Twelve Labors" as the atonement of his sin (murder of his wife and children.

While in the old days having muscles and arm strength and being a warrior were amongst the most important factors of power, in the new era man gradually discovered new methods of gaining power. In the contemporary world intelligence, knowledge, arts and information were also used in order to praise human. Meanwhile, governments began to use new tools such as advertising, media, music, cinema and soft power instead of hard power and force in order to seize new territories.

However, in the contemporary world there are many people who consider developing big muscles and decreasing body fat as a component of praising the human.

Maybe our ancient genes from our ancestors lead us to praise this body traits that shows the muscular body is a sign of being a better hunter or a powerful warrior in pre-historic era.

Whatever this trait's roots and origins are, genes or any other reason, attract many to show their appearance beauties and one of these ways is body building. But in Islamic countries such as Iran, because of hijab and disagreements of activities of women in social fields, they are deprived to participate in any phenomenon that shows their appearance beauty.

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