Caroline Gutman

The Shelter of Each Other
Location: Philadelphia
Nationality: United States
Biography: Caroline Gutman is an independent photojournalist based in Philadelphia. Her work looks at stories reflecting policy, gender and economic inequality and art and cultural innovation. Clients include The Washington Post, Buzzfeed News, CNN,... read on
Public Story
The Shelter of Each Other
For San Francisco’s 8,000+ unhoused residents, survival is a full-time job. In my work documenting San Francisco’s homeless for the last three years, I’ve seen the constant struggle for safety, sustenance and sleep take a physical and mental toll, and social outcasting strip away one’s sense of self worth and the will to live.

For many unhoused, animal companions make a never-ending reality survivable, and provide a sense of purpose and normalcy. “Most homeless people love their animals more than themselves,” one unhoused pet owner told me. “A lot of times it’s what’s keeping us alive.”

The Shelter of Each Other looks at the relationships between unhoused San Franciscans and their pets, showing the strength of their bond. The images attempt to break the stigma that surrounds homeless pet owners, and homelessness itself. Losing one's home shouldn't define a person, their capacity for love, or their character.

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