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S.O.S Crown Heights
Biography: Growing up in a war conflicted region, I have always been deeply aware of the possibility of loss. Photography empowers me to share this insight, demonstrating the horrible, equalizing moment of the possibility of loss, the universality of... MORE
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S.O.S Crown Heights
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Updated Oct 2012
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Crown Heights is a neighborhood in the central New York City borough of Brooklyn. About two miles (3 km) long and two miles (3 km) deep, it is considered part of the 77th police precinct. The neighborhood is well known for its criminal element with gun violence being of special concern.

 Save Our Streets (S.O.S.) , a community-based movement there, aims to end the gun violence among the African American population of Crown Heights. The movement works closely with local organizations, neighborhood churches and pastors, and with the individuals who are judged most likely to commit a shooting. Using principles set down by CeaseFire, an initiative of the Chicago Project, SOS out-reach team workers try to break the chain of street violence by acting as peer counselors to potential perpetrators and victims.

 The activities of SOS have made a palpable positive change in Crown Heights over the last year. People are opening up to each other and are recognizing the potential of their participation in the process of transformation. Gun culture is losing ground to a new space for life affirming change.

 "it's not the bullet with my name on it that worries me.its the one that says 'to whom it may concern' " Anonymous.

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