Career Development: Past Grants & Open Calls

Visura offers a diverse program of photography Scholarships, Grants, Consultations, and Open Calls to our members in partnership with publications, brands and other leading institutions.

2015 FotoVisura Multimedia Grant

And the winner is...

2015 Photography Grant

Annie Flanagan wins the 2015 Visura Grant for Personal Multinews/Video Story, for her video' Love Hannah'. The grant recognizes a photographer or videographer for their multimedia or video story, with a focus on the story and dedication as well as the extent that he or she is able to use the story to bring about positive change in society. The Grant supports personal multimedia stories and encourages the production and development of photography outside of the commercial realm.

As the winner, Annie will receive a $1,000 cash prize and a six month mentorship program with acclaimed photographer and Visura Member, Donna Ferrato.


Donna Ferrato is an acclaimed photojournalist known for her groundbreaking documentation of the hidden world of domestic violence. Her seminal book 'Living With the Enemy' (Aperture, 1991) went into four printings and, alongside exhibitions and lectures across the globe, sparked a national discussion on sexual violence and women’s rights. She has been a recipient of the W. Eugene Smith Grant, the IWMF Courage in Journalism Award and the Robert F. Kennedy Award for Outstanding Coverage of the Plight of the Disadvantaged. Ferrato’s most recent story focuses on the spirit and evolution of TriBeCa. She has just released her fourth limited edition TriBeCa portfolio, and in 2016 will publish a book on the recent history of the neighborhood.

Annie Flanagan is a photographer, filmmaker and educator based in New Orleans, LA. Her work explores topics of self worth, personal narrative, gender and friendship within the documentary framework. Annie is a recent master's candidate at S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications. Her work has been featured in publications including Foam Magazine, VICE, The New York Times, N.P.R. and on The Washington Post's InSight blog. Annie lives for long winding roads with a camera in hand and map laid out.

Annie is a member of the Boreal Collective & Visura Guild

Meet the judge

Note from co-founder Adriana Teresa

Publicity articles are great—they feature the organization that makes the grants possible and highlight the winning photographers. Yet, there is one thing missing: the photographers do not get paid for the feature and because of the spotlight, the possibilities of the work being bought and featured by another publication are little to none. We all know this, and we all know that this needs to change: we need to work together in a way that doesn't jeopardize the possibilities for opportunity for the highlighted photographers. And, there is a way.

Visura is so grateful for all the publications that are joining and supporting this new movement filled with new approaches, incentives, initiatives and ideas. It takes risk to change, but your leadership is a sign that this industry is filled with hope.

I stand by all Visura members: photographers, editors and the organizations that are joining. You are standing for a future where photographers can make a living in photography. You do what you can and each act is changing lives and the way the industry thinks. No one person acts alone. Today is another example as to how together we can make a difference....and it all started with you.

And to you—I am eternally grateful.

Like my grandfather used to say:
Little by little without making a fuss.


Adriana Teresa