Career Development: Past Grants & Open Calls

Visura offers a diverse program of photography Scholarships, Grants, Consultations, and Open Calls to our members in partnership with publications, brands and other leading institutions.

2015 FotoVisura Grant

And the winners are...

2015 Photography Grant

Alvaro Laiz, The Hunt

Visura is delighted to announce Spanish photographer Álvaro Laíz as the recipient of the 2015 FotoVisura Grant for Outstanding Personal Story for his story titled THE HUNT, as well as recognize 26 photographers with top honors and honorable mentions.

Visura's mission is to further the work and career of photographers and editors. The Annual FotoVisura Grant for Outstanding Personal Photography Story was created in 2010 with a two tiered mission: 1) recognize photographers for their images, stories, and dedication, as well as the extent that he or she is willing to go to bring about positive change in society; 2) get photographers' significant work in front of key industry players and editors with the hope that they will receive a paid opportunity.

We extend our gratitude to the panel of judges, who took the time to see every single submission.

The 2015 panel of judges consisted of:
MaryAnne Golon, The Washington Post
Judy Walgren, San Francisco Chronicle
Simon Barnett, CNN
Grey Hutton, VICE
Elizabeth Griffin, Esquire
Sebastian Liste, NOOR

With this announcement, we establish a precedent in part thanks to The Washington Post. This year, in addition to winning a $2,000 cash prize and a lifetime sponsored GUILD membership with Visura—Álvaro Laíz earned a feature on the Washington Post In Sight blog, and a paid commission for his winning series. Additionally, the finalists also received the invitation.

On Monday, August 24th—The San Francisco Chronicle will publish an article about Visura and the results of the Grant.

Alvaro Laíz / The Hunt

Top Finalist:
Linda Forsell / Children who have Children


Annie Flannagan / We Grew Up With Gum In Our Hair
Aaron Vincent Elkaim / Where The River Runs Through

Honorable Mentions

Brian Driscoll / Life within 90 KM
Phil Jung / O'ahu
Acacia Johnson / Under The Same Stars
Andrea de Franciscis / They shall never die
Rubén E. Reyes / Raramuri
Valérie Berta / The Mudshow Diaries
Olga Ingurazova / Scars of Independence
Anna Leigh Clem / It will become something
Tommaso Rada / Domestic Border
Erik Hagen / Los Angeles
Andrew Biraj / Bonded Stitches & Struggle
Natalie Naccache / Our Limbo
Kyle Meyer / Interwoven
Misha Vallejo / Al otro lado (On the other side)
Sarah Rice / What We Need Is Here
Sebastian Collett / Vanishing Point
Angelos Tzortzinis / In search of the European dream
Anna Boyiazis / SECOND WAVE
Kim Raff / Land of the Free
Juan Rodríguez Morales / Ghost World
Fran Antmann / Maya Healers: A Thousand Dreams
Nat Ward / Delray: Hot and Slow
Anna Tihanyi /Berlin bhf.

Meet the 2015 judges

Note from co-founder Adriana Teresa

Publicity articles are great—they feature the organization that makes the grants possible and highlight the winning photographers. Yet, there is one thing missing: the photographers do not get paid for the feature and because of the spotlight, the possibilities of the work being bought and featured by another publication are little to none. We all know this, and we all know that this needs to change: we need to work together in a way that doesn't jeopardize the possibilities for opportunity for the highlighted photographers. And, there is a way.

Visura is so grateful for all the publications that are joining and supporting this new movement filled with new approaches, incentives, initiatives and ideas. It takes risk to change, but your leadership is a sign that this industry is filled with hope.

I stand by all Visura members: photographers, editors and the organizations that are joining. You are standing for a future where photographers can make a living in photography. You do what you can and each act is changing lives and the way the industry thinks. No one person acts alone. Today is another example as to how together we can make a difference....and it all started with you.

And to you—I am eternally grateful.

Like my grandfather used to say:
Little by little without making a fuss.


Adriana Teresa