Alejandro Granadillo

Location: San Juan, Puerto Rico
Nationality: Venezuelan
Biography: I consider myself as a documentalist. On my beginning I worked with stills images and after a while I started making my way on videography as a complementary tool to get a wider range of what I see. During these years I've worked as freelance... read on
Public Story
Credits: alejandro granadillo
Updated: 05/20/20
Hurricanes are always a bad thing for the people living in the Caribbean. Back in September 2017, Hurricane María wasn’t the exception.

A powerful hurricane Cat 5, mixed with a poor government preparation was a cocktail to made things worst for every person living in Puerto Rico,

I traveled all over the island and met great people. Resilient, kind and humbled humans who, amongst the adversities, were always trying to figure it out how to move forward and help each other.

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