Florence Goupil

Omacha, the Pink Dolphin
Location: Cusco, Peru
Nationality: Peruvian - French
Biography: Florence Goupil (1990 Lima, Peru) is a French and Peruvian photographer based in Cusco, Peru. She studied at L'École Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Rennes and later at University of Rennes 2, where she graduated in Multimedia and... MORE
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Omacha, the Pink Dolphin
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Updated Jul 2022
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The Tikuna indigenous people from Colombia have a sensitive relationship with aquatic animals, especially with the pink dolphin, dedicating rituals and celebrations to it.
Puerto Nariño, Amazonas, Colombia.

Article written by Anne Proenza for Libération.

Le dauphin rose, sorcier de l'Amazone
Ce curieux cétacé d'eau douce, à la couleur étonnante, est magique pour les habitants des bords du fleuve qui ont chacun une légende à raconter. Florence Goupil et Anne Proenza sont est allées à sa rencontre, dans le sud de la Colombie.
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Omacha, the Pink Dolphin by Florence Goupil
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