Florence Goupil

Kakataibo, voices from the forest
Location: Cusco, Peru
Nationality: Peruvian - French
Biography: Florence Goupil (1990 Lima, Peru) is a French and Peruvian photographer based in Cusco, Peru. She studied at L'École Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Rennes and later at University of Rennes 2, where she graduated in Multimedia and... MORE
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Kakataibo, voices from the forest
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Updated Jul 2022
"Sequestrations, assassinations, torture... The indigenous leaders undergo the violence of those who traffic - in particular drugs and wood - on their territory and live in permanent insecurity.
He had given us an appointment in Aguaytia, the last big town before entering the indigenous territory. Then, we were to join together his village, Yamino, in the heart of the Peruvian central Amazon. But at the agreed time, Herlin Odicio, young cacique of the Kakataibo ethnic group (about 5 000 people), did not show up. His cell phone was turned off. Was he afraid at the last moment, he who is threatened with death by drug traffickers? It was necessary to leave to meet him, to borrow a small road dented through immense palm plantations. In this region of Peru, the deforestation has already done its work and the palm oil business is in full swing."

Written by Amanda Chaparro for Le Monde.En Amazonie péruvienne, les leaders amérindiens menacés par les « narcos » et les trafiquants de bois
Séquestrations, assassinats, torture… Les chefs amérindiens subissent la violence de ceux qui trafiquent – en particulier la drogue et le bois – sur leur territoire et vivent dans l’insécurité permanente.
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Kakataibo, voices from the forest by Florence Goupil
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