Location: Chicago
Nationality: USA
Biography: Alexander has been a working photographer in Chicago for over a decade. He has taught at The Chicago Photography Center, as well as served on their Board. His passion for the city is matched only by his love of exploration and journalism. He has... read on
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Credits: alexander gouletas
Date of Work: 01/01/19 - Ongoing
Updated: 04/22/20
“A Querencia is a place the bull naturally wants to go to in the ring, a preferred locality... It is a place which develops in the course of the fight where the bull makes his home. It does not usually show at once, but develops in his brain as the fight goes on. In this place he feels that he has his back against the wall and in his Querencia he is inestimably more dangerous and almost impossible to kill.”––Ernest Hemingway, Death in the Afternoon

There’s a place you would go when you were young where you gave yourself permission to sit and think, to ruminate, to be lonely, brave, play, love, weep.To behave in a way you may not have in the rest of the world. It gave you strength and peace. Recalling the memory of this place stirs you. It is far away. It may be gone and you may never return.It is more than just your favorite place. It inspires a homesickness, a fondness. We remember or return to these places in our mind out of instinct.

Querencias is up now at the Boxcar in Chicago

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