Igor Gonzalo Sanz

Photographer, Traveler & Photojournalist
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Location: A Coruña
Nationality: Spain
Biography: Availabe for assignments worldwide info@igorfotografia.com Hello! My name is Igor Gonzalo. I photograph since I was 9 years old. I see the world throw the lens and that defines my life. Now, I'm 34 years old and I keep traveling searching... read on


ANDALUSIA (Spain). A day like today was born 90 years ago Felix Rodriguez de la Fuente. A rebellious child who learned until age 9 with no more teacher than the nature of his loved Poza de la Sal (Burgos, Spain). A great speaker who knew how to set aside academic degrees and the comfort of 'a good job' to dedicate himself to what he loved: nature and its dissemination. Kids learned from him that the wolf is not as fierce as the stories tell. Felix went against the current, taking a first step towards a path that does not seem to have taken over. In the image: An Iberian wolf couple during the zeal.