• Igor Gonzalo Sanz

    Photographer, Traveler & Photojournalist
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  • Location: A Coruña
    Nationality: Spain
    Biography: Availabe for assignments worldwide info@igorfotografia.com Hello! My name is Igor Gonzalo. I photograph since I was 9 years old. I see the world throw the lens and that defines my life. Now, I'm 34 years old and I keep traveling searching... read on


ANDALUSIA (Spain). A day like today was born 90 years ago Felix Rodriguez de la Fuente. A rebellious child who learned until age 9 with no more teacher than the nature of his loved Poza de la Sal (Burgos, Spain). A great speaker who knew how to set aside academic degrees and the comfort of 'a good job' to dedicate himself to what he loved: nature and its dissemination. Kids learned from him that the wolf is not as fierce as the stories tell. Felix went against the current, taking a first step towards a path that does not seem to have taken over. In the image: An Iberian wolf couple during the zeal.
BURGOS (Spain).
It snows in the capital of the...
BURGOS (Spain). It snows in the capital of the 'Tierras del Cid' (Cid lands): Burgos, 'Head of Castilla' dismisses us with a January 6th covered in white.
ZAMORA (Spain). It sunrises in the 'Sierra...
ZAMORA (Spain). It sunrises in the 'Sierra de la Culebra'. The morning mists intertwine in winter offering us a gift fo the sight. The air is tinged with unimagibale colors and the cold show it to us in this way.
ZAMORA (Spain). An Iberian wolf runs. This is...
ZAMORA (Spain). An Iberian wolf runs. This is the are where they live the most of the Iberian wolves in Europe but they are on risk because of the hunters.