Maurizio Gjivovich

The other side / an Italian story
Location: Ivrea
Nationality: ITALY
Biography:  Professional photographer. has published photo reports in international magazines, his reports explore complex political and social contexts; He was born in Ivrea (north of Italy) in 1975.  last awards Honorable Mention / 2019 / Press... read on
Public Story
The other side / an Italian story
Credits: gjivovich maurizio
Date of Work: 09/08/16 - 11/01/17
Updated: 11/02/19

The other side /  an Italian story

The images in this story were taken in April 2015 in Catania, Ragusa, Comiso and Pozzallo, unfortunately in the very same days hundreds of migrants lost their life in tragic shipwreck in the Sicily channel.

I have been handling this topic since 2011, always concerned on immigrants’ long waiting for shelter or refugee status and since then I have been visiting lots of SPRAR and first acceptance collective centres spread all over Italian territory since Libyan conflict up to nowadays.

The attention is placed on whatever you can see around dramatic events concerning sea landing, personal stories which are far away from our lives, in order to consider each picture as itself, without underlining any race, any religion, but just man as human being.

As if the story was not written as a report but inside their emotions.

I tried to investigate more than report, so to give prominence to what happens immediately after landing, the residents’ protests but also the acceptance and solidarity of numerous operators.

So places and phases, night landing and entrance in Pozzallo’s CPSA and subsequent transfer to various SPRARs all over Italy, a story that scans the routine of the way all the acceptance activities are handled.

Many people helped me in Ragusa’s and Pozzallo’s territory:

  • Vincenzo La Monica, responsible of Caritas in Ragusa
  • Antonio La Monica and Tonino Solarino as leading persons of Ragusa acceptance 

and many more …

… everybody eager to confirm that acceptance of south Italy population is unique in the whole Mediterranean Sea.

They helped me to understand instead of commiserate.

Mine is a story made of pictures, that I chose to name “an Italian story”


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