Mariona Giner

Photographer working with local NGOs for communication campaigns, photographic projects and workshops.
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Nationality: British / Spanish
Biography: Anglo-Catalan photographer based in Barcelona, working for NGOs on campaigns that focus on Social and Human Rights issues. Also highly involved in education and photography as a tool for social progress, coordinating projects such as ‘... read on
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Credits: mariona giner
Updated: 02/05/21
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One city, six different stories of women facing homelessness in Barcelona

SHElter is the result of five years of collaborative work with over a dozen homeless women and several organisations in Barcelona. The project was originally photography-based and first developed into multimedia in 2019, as part of a documentary festival  (Festival PhotÓn, Valencia, Spain).

In 2020, during COVID-19 lockdown, I revisited and photographed several women, then decided to produce a short multimedia film as the final outcome, combining interviews, photographs, and film to create a richer audio-visual narrative.

The teaser, which lasts 01:35", is a brief indication of the final 20-minute film, that will be produced in the near future.

The Vimeo link is in low-resolution. Feel free to contact me if you would like to view it in HD.

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