Mass Grave : Memory Recovery
Location: Spain, Madrid
Nationality: Peruvian/Spanish
Biography: I'm a passionate photojournalist born in Lima, Peru, and currently based in Madrid, Spain. I studied photojournalism in Madrid and am now working as a freelance photographer, specializing in documentary photography and photojournalism. Before... MORE
Public Story
Mass Grave : Memory Recovery
Date of Work Aug 2022 - Aug 2022
Updated Sep 2022
Topics Black and White, Breaking News, Civil Rights, Civil Wars, civilian casualties, Community, Conflict, Crime, Dictatorship, Editorial, Genocide, Historical, History, Human Rights, Journalism, News, Photography, Social Justice, Violence, War, World
First exhumation of civilian victims of the Civil War in the Community of Madrid from the 22nd August 2022. to the 31st August 2022.

The San Sebastián de los Reyes Truth Commission Association and the Aranzadi Science Society have begun excavating one of the two graves in Colmenar Viejo Cemetery, in the Madrid Community,  where the bodies of 107 men and one woman shot by Franco's forces in 1939 were buried.

The first phase of the exhumations in the Colmenar Viejo cemetery (Madrid) concluded this Wednesday 31st August 2022 and the remains of 11 of the 108 bodies of victims of Francoism were found.

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