Isolation Ghosts
Location: Spain, Madrid
Nationality: Peruvian/Spanish
Biography: Guillermo is an independent photographer born in Lima, Peru and based in Madrid, Spain.  He studied photojournalism in Madrid and is currently working as freelance photographer, specialising in documentary photography. Previously, Guillermo... read on
Exclusive Story
Isolation Ghosts
Isolation Ghosts

Madrid streets turn eerily quiet following coronavirus lockdown. Spanish authorities have closed museums, monuments, public areas, bars, restaurants and shops to control the expansion of Covid-19 outbreak. For a city like Madrid, that thrives on providing services -especially for tourists-, this shut down is critical. Now, getting to know Madrid means to visit the homes of its people, by observing through their windows the intimate moments that they allow their neighbours to witness. The streets are empty, yet Madrid is very much alive, enduring the tough times. This is an ongoing project. It will be divided in three parts: the landscape of Madrid amid the lockdown, the life of the city framed by the windows of its people and the third and next step will be a diary of a young family as they live in isolation.