Geraldine Hope Ghelli

Documentary Photographer
Born Twice
Location: Brooklyn
Nationality: USA, Italy
Biography: Geraldine Hope Ghelli is an American-Italian freelance documentary photographer currently based in New York City. She is available for assignments world wide.
Public Story
Born Twice
Credits: geraldine hope ghelli
Date of Work: 12/15/16 - Ongoing
Updated: 11/10/18
Location: New York City
Archived as:  ,

Born Twice documents the transition of two transgender women, Jennifer and Michelle, as they go through sex reassignment surgery. At their age, the risks of complication are significantly increased, yet, both want to “finish the cycle” and are committed to take the final step into their transition together. With this work I aim to give an intimate photographic account of their relationship through stages of discomfort, anticipation, and rediscovery.


By Geraldine Hope Ghelli —

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