Geraldine Hope Ghelli

Documentary Photographer
Location: Brooklyn
Nationality: USA, Italy
Biography: Geraldine Hope Ghelli is an American-Italian freelance documentary photographer currently based in New York City. She is available for assignments world wide.
News Spotlight
A Portrait of a Couple in Love and in Transition
geraldine hope ghelli
Jul 17, 2017
By Michelle HartJuly 16, 2017

Last year, Michelle Ainsworth and her partner, Jennifer Lee, made the decision to undergo gender-confirmation surgery together. Lee, who’d wanted to have the surgery ever since she came out as transgender, five years ago, underwent the procedure in January of this year, while Ainsworth, who has been living openly as transgender since 2013 but has wrestled with the idea of surgery, is scheduled to have it this September. Geraldine Hope Ghelli’s photo series “Born Twice” is an astonishingly intimate account of the beginnings of their joint transition. Many of the pictures are imbued with the shy giddiness intrinsic to adolescence, that time of life when all one desires is immediate change. “I’m the oldest teen-age girl you’ve ever met,” Ainsworth told me recently.

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