George Nobechi

Location: Tokyo
Nationality: Canadian and Japanese
Biography: About the artist:  Born in Tokyo, Japan 1980. Canadian/Japanese. Graduated from the University of British Columbia with a BA(Hons) in History. A fourteen-country, six-continent round-the-world solo journey in 2008 spurred his passion in... MORE
Public Story
Copyright George Nobechi 2022
Date of Work Apr 2015 - Dec 2018
Updated Nov 2018
Location Planet Earth
Topics Documentary, Dying/Death, Fine Art, Health/Healing, Landscape, Mental Illness, Personal Project, Photography, Sorrow

In the winter of 2014 I left New York City, and with it my career, home, possessions, relationships and all attachments except
for my camera and what I could carry on my back; I became unmoored.

As I journeyed, I sought to reconnect with the “life” from which I had felt disconnected since I was nineteen, when my father
suddenly passed away and I moved alone across the ocean to work. My sojourning turned into a near three-year personal
odyssey. I made pictures where I could feel both the presence of everyday humanity and the tranquility of nature, in places
I encountered and did not alter. As I photographed, I recalled my upbringing in the organized chaos that is Tokyo. As a child,
I had spent many hours gazing from my high-rise bedroom window at the sprawling city below and found a calmness
through that frame that was elusive whenever I ventured out of the sanctuary of my room.

Now I turned once again to windows and looking out from within, where I could feel the faintly warm presence of someone
now departed from a place-- a concept known in Japan as “nukumori.” I could almost hear the toll of a distant bell, calling
to me from beyond the window like deeply buried memories trying to resurface.

All images are non-staged, non-manipulated, full-frame photographs.
Award Highlights for this series: IPA 2018 3rd Place: Fine Art Landscape, PX3 Paris Photo Prize 2017 2nd Place Fine Art
Series, 2017 Critical Mass Top 50 Award, “Exposure”Exhibition at the PRC Boston 2017, etc. (more at website below)
Tokyo, Japan. The series has not been published in any large circulation publications.
Inquiries, assignments, commissions: / +81-90-3498-9264 (Japan)
/+917-886-0930 (US)
Instagram: @georgenobechi

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