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Slava Ukraini–To The Front
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Nationality: USA
Biography: Gavin Doran was born in Birmingham, Alabama on March 23, 1992 alongside his identical twin brother, Chase. He was raised on the beaches of Destin, FL and spent his Summers with his grandmother (a biology teacher) at her lake house in South... MORE
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Slava Ukraini–To The Front
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Updated Apr 2022
Location L'viv, Ukraine
Topics Armed Forces of Ukraine, Battle, Conflict, Putin, Russia, Soldiers, Ukraine, Ukrainian, War, Zelinskyy
Ukrainian soldiers gather at the railway station in L'viv. Some smoke cigarettes and stare pensively into the distance. Others laugh with comrades. Many say their final goodbye to loved ones. But all board the train to the front lines of the war with Russia.

By now, some of the men you see here have likely been killed. The ones who haven't are still out there fighting for those you see in these photos, Ukraine, and the very principle of Freedom around the world.


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