Javier Gautier

Eternal Summer
Location: Dominican Republic
Nationality: Dominican
Biography: Javier Gautier is a Dominican photographer based in Santo Domingo. His work is focused on preserving biodiversity in the Dominican Republic, which is a temporary home for many species of migrant birds and also a diminishing habitat for endemic... read on
Public Story
Eternal Summer
Credits: javier gautier
Updated: 08/02/20
Location: Dominican Republic
The Dominican Republic is the most visited island in The Caribbean, gifted with splendid natural resources that can be enjoyed all year long since summer is eternal in this land. Domincans have only two seasons, summer and a fresh summer in December and January, a paradise for tourists, photographers, bird watchers and outdoors activities.  

The traditional approach focused on beach, sand and sun has been essential in the popularity of this destination as well as the Colonial City of Santo Domingo, founded in 1498, home of the first cathedral, university, hospital and customs building of America. The Colonial City of Santo Domingo was declared by UNESCO as World Heritage Site in 1990. 

The breathtaking landscapes and diverse microclimates are the home of 33 endemic and fascinating bird species, meaning by endemic that this particular birds can only be seen in its natural state in this island. In the images accompanying this story you may find three endemic birds, one of them is the Ridgway's hawk, the most endangered species in the island with an approximate population of 300, soon I will present very interesting material about this particular bird.

Having all this wonderful natural resources involve an equal responsibility for all Dominican citizens and their authorities in  order to preserve and protect nature at all costs and at all times.