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As COVID-19 devastates Indonesia, many deaths go unreported
garry lotulung
Dec 24, 2022

News | Coronavirus pandemic

20 July 2021

Video Assignment for Al Jazeera English, following Southeast Asia’s worst COVID-19 outbreak, shows no sign of slowing down, with more than 50,000 cases confirmed each day.

More people are being forced to isolate at home as overwhelmed hospitals turn patients away. Many are dying.

Indonesia’s COVID-19 death toll has now crossed 70,000. But experts are warning that the death toll is likely to be three to five times higher than the official number as hundreds of people have died in their homes since June after they had no choice but to self-isolate due to no capacity at overwhelmed hospitals.

This month (July 2021), Indonesia overtook India’s daily COVID-19 case numbers and surpassed Brazil in reporting the world’s highest number of daily deaths attributed to COVID-19.

Indonesia’s confirmed COVID-19 death toll stands at more than 73,000. On Monday 19 July 2021, Indonesia reported 1,338 COVID-19 deaths – its highest ever.

Al Jazeera’s Jessica Washington & Garry Lotulung reports from the capital, Jakarta.

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As COVID-19 devastates Indonesia, many deaths go unreported by Garry Lotulung
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