Thaleia Galanopoulou

Points Of Authority
Location: Athens, Greece
Nationality: Greek
Biography: Thalia Galanopoulou was born in 1991 in Athens, Greece. She studied photography and video from 2011 to 2013 at the Focus School of Photography and New Technologies in Athens, and then moved on to do a Master’s degree in Photographic studies... read on

Through a series of street portraits a dialogue is created between images that subtly confirm the stereotypical perceptions of the shrewdness of financial professionals and images that hint towards a more uncomplicated humanness.

The theme of solitude along with flaws and moments of imperfection are sought and captured in the everyday of humans of the City`s financial vein.

These men, that seem so shockingly subtracted from their surroundings, so frivolous and antagonistic "“ drawing imaginary tornedos with their walking back and forth, from work to lunch, and vice versa, clothed in fine array, somehow constitute a new social class, a new face of London"™s contemporary banking culture.

Thalia Galanopoulou 2015