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Location: New York
Nationality: Italian
Biography:       Gaia Squarci is a photographer and cinematographer who divides her time between Milan and New York, where she teaches multimedia at ICP (International Center of Photography). She’s a contributor of Prospekt agency and Reuters. With a... read on
Liecthtenstein, for the Economist 1843
gaia squarci
Jan 23, 2019
I loved to work on this Liechtenstein story with writer Seán M. Williams. I absolutely adored the guy since the first call, when he told me that in order to visualize the country, we had to paraglide over it. Thank you Hannah Bishop and Melanie Grant at The Economist 1843!

Liechtenstein, the magic princedom
It’s one of the smallest countries in Europe and one of the richest and safest – but that doesn’t make it boring


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