thomas freteur

Photographer / Videographer
Location: Kinshasa
Nationality: Belgian
Biography: Years ago, Thomas received from his Grand-Pa the Hasselblad that he had kept through out his photographer career, stretching back to the early 50’s. Was it this Hasselblad, more than his diploma in social media, that convinced Thomas he had... read on
Public Story
Credits: thomas freteur
Date of Work: 06/01/14 - Ongoing
Updated: 07/13/17


Over the past few years I have had the opportunity to work with several circus companies and organisations. These photographic accompaniments – somewhere in between commissions and personal projects – range from documentary photography to staged photography. That summer, I wanted to mix up genres and combine staged with documentary photography. I got in touch with a dozen circuses and street theatre companies, and set off to meet them during festivals, to take portraits in the privacy of their caravans, hotels, rental properties, tents – all the places that artists settle in temporarily, and where they can have some alone time. As a reminder to the artistic world, I had them pose in costume, with the attitude of the characters they portray, thus revealing the fragile nature of their jobs and situations.

During these tough times, it seemed relevant to me to show what happens behind the scenes.


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