April Fonti

Photographer; Picture Editor
Valleys Deep and Mountains High
Location: Sydney
Nationality: Australian; Irish
Biography: I am currently pursuing independent projects in India and assisting on various picture desks as a freelancer in Australia. Previously I worked as a picture editor at the European Pressphoto Agency and Australian Associated Press, wrote and... read on
Public Story
Valleys Deep and Mountains High
Credits: april fonti
Date of Work: 09/01/11 - 09/30/11
Updated: 11/11/19
WE are high up on the eastern slope of the Tibetan plateau in the southwest mountains of China and a young Tibetan boy is singing for an audience of yak herders and monks.

A dim yellow globe lights up handpainted lotus flowers on the walls and the boy sings with a beautifully controlled tremor. When he finishes, everyone starts to clap. But the boy’s aunt starts chiding him. ‘‘You need to learn some valley songs,’’ she says, before clumping across the wooden floors in her black skirts to teach him a yak-herding song.