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Location: Sicily
Nationality: Italy
Biography: Vito Finocchiaro was born in Sicily in 1965. His passion for photography has always been present in his life. Free professional. Careful observer of problems. His passion for his work let him “live” and “tell” facts about people of this... read on
vito finocchiaro
Sep 6, 2018
Location: Havana
A State under an embargo has the prohibition of doing business with all those nations with which it has entered into conflict or in military tension or with those that are adverse to geopolitical causes. The embargo also impose on it the drastic prohibition to trade in basic necessities, such as food and medicines, with the consequent rationalization of their internal stocks, up to the extreme limit of survival. A strategy, this one, adopted against the actions of some Governments but which generates, however, crude realities that drastically affect the weaker social classes. In recent history, concrete examples are Yugoslavia, Iraq and Cuba. The most representative case is the Cuban one. El Bloqueo, as the Cubans call it, is the longest embargo in the history of modern-day humanity. The first sanctions against Cuba date back to 1959, when Fidel Castro nationalized over one billion American assets on the island. The embargo was made official in 1962 when the Cuban government signed a trade agreement with the Soviet Union. How much it cost in Cuba in economic terms is hard to know, how much it is weighed on its people you see it in its streets.

 EL BLOQUEO by Vito Finocchiaro

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