Vito Finocchiaro

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Location: Sicily
Nationality: Italy
Biography: Vito Finocchiaro was born in Sicily in 1965. His passion for photography has always been present in his life. Free professional. Careful observer of problems. His passion for his work let him “live” and “tell” facts about people of this... read on
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A Muntagna - Sicily
vito finocchiaro
May 27, 2018
Is a long-term project. Ten years of exploration, observation, hours and hours of walking along valleys and trails to capture the essence, the changes and the spirit of the highest and most active volcano in Europe: the Etna volcano; A Muntagna, in Sicilian dialect.

This is my photographic interpretation of a mysterious and fascinating territory. An interpretation through the use of symbology: The circle and square that best represent the characteristics of this corner of the earth.

A Muntagna by Vito Finocchiaro


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