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Documentary Photographer
Oasi di Galbusera Bianca
Location: Milan
Nationality: Italian
Biography: Simone Filpa is an anthropologist and documentary photographer born in 1991 in Milan, Italy. He holds a degree in Economic Development and International Cooperation at University of Florence and graduated in photography at the C.F.P. BAUER of... read on
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Oasi di Galbusera Bianca
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Updated 05/10/20

Oasi di Galbusera Bianca is a totally organic farm located near the beautiful city of Lecco in northern Italy. It is situated in Parco Regionale di Montevecchia e della Valle del Curone.

During the late 90s, former fashion photographer, Gaetano Besana, began restoring the long-since abandoned village of Galbusera Bianca. His dream was to reastablish the relationship between man and nature through sustainable architecture and biodynamic agriculture. He promoted preserving ancient fruit trees and herbs such as elder. He also provided a geothermal energy plant in order to guarantee a sustainable and independent source of energy. 

Today Galbusera Bianca is once again flourishing and new families have moved to the village revitalising the area. It has become a symbol of sustainability, so much so, that in 2005 Galbusera Bianca became the first private community to join in partnership with WWF Italia.
The village now boasts an agriturismo and an osteria, where fresh produce grown on the 20 hectares surrounding the village is prepared and served. All the produce is certified organic. Along with these local products, the restaurants also serve produce from other nearby organic certified farms as their mission is to promote the wider local economy. They also aim to eliminate any kind of waste.

Gaetano Besana has indeed realised his dream; Galbusera Bianca is truly a thriving oasis where social well-being, environmental sustainability and renewed vitality coexist in peaceful harmony with the surrounding enviroment.                        



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