Simone Filpa

As the wings of an angel (Summer '21)
Location: Milan
Nationality: Italian
Biography: Simone Filpa is an anthropologist and photographer born in 1991 in Milan, Italy. His main interest is visual storytelling. He uses photography to investigate the relationship between people and their environment with an intimate approach. He... MORE
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As the wings of an angel (Summer '21)
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Updated Nov 2021
Topics Film, Fine Art, Photography, Spotlight
As the wings of an angel

I would like to take the smell of the sea with me.
The sound of its waves crashing on the rocks.
The heat of the sun on my skin.
Swim and then dive again.
The world runs fast.
Sometimes adulthood scares me.
I would like to stop for a moment.
Hear only the sound of the wind on top of a rock.
The breath in my lungs.
It is better when you are young.

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As the wings of an angel (Summer '21) by Simone Filpa
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