Simone Filpa

Documentary Photographer
"As Nossas Machambas"
Location: Milan
Nationality: Italian
Biography: Simone Filpa is an anthropologist and documentary photographer born in 1991 in Milan, Italy. He holds a degree in Economic Development and International Cooperation at University of Florence and graduated in photography at the C.F.P. BAUER of... read on
Public Story
"As Nossas Machambas"
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Updated 03/06/21
Location Mozambique
"As Nossas Machambas" is the result of anthropological research within the agricultural practices in the North of Mozambique.
In 2017 I spent 5 months living in Namuapala, a small village located in the District of Metuge. During my stay I  interviewed local people to investigate the relationship between the environment and the population. I focused on agricultural practices but also on environmental disaster, indigenous rituals and relationship between the government and displaced people.
Typical of ethnographic research, the local approach allowed me to document an aspect of everyday life of peasants local communities in this area.


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