Fatima Shbair

Location: Gaza City, Gaza Strip
Nationality: Palestinian
Biography: Fatima Shbair, born in 1997, is a Palestinian photojournalist based in Gaza City. She is a self-taught photographer and has an interest in documenting people's stories, cultures, and social issues. After studying business administration for three... MORE
The Olivier Rebbot Award 2021
fatima shbair
Apr 24, 2022
Location: Gaza City
Shbair’s unflinching reportage creates an important historical record of the physical, emotional, cultural, and psychological devastation of war for Palestinian families and communities in Gaza. Her raw report on the brutality of war is punctuated with tender moments of connection and mourning, serving as an exceptional example of the importance of an empathetic and tender eye for the quieter moments that speak to our collective humanity during times of conflict.

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Fatima Shbair / Gaza City
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Fatima Shbair | World Press Photo

Fatima Shbair / Gaza City
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Ville de Perpignan Rémi Ochlik Award 2021

Fatima Shbair / Gaza City
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Fatima Shbair
The Olivier Rebbot Award 2021 by Fatima Shbair
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