farras abdelnour

Fine art and documentary photographer
Location: New York
Nationality: USA
Biography: A New York-based freelance photographer specializing in fine arts and documentaries, Farras was born in Germany to Syrian parents. In July 2017 he finished the graduate program in digital photography at the School of Visual Arts, New York. Farras... read on
Public Story
Copyright farras abdelnour 2021
Date of Work 09/01/11 - Ongoing
Updated 01/21/18
Location New York City
Anonymous flocks of commuters and tourists converge into New York"™s Grand Central Terminal"™s main concourse. The commuters are distracted, oblivious to the terminal"™s grand architecture, its dreamy ceiling, uniquely focused on reaching their destination. The visitors are shooting selfies, anxious to post the images on their favorite social networks. As the commuters and the visitors walk through shafts of light bouncing off the surrounding buildings, unknowingly spotlighted, an arrangement of body language, clues to the person"™s state of mind and emotions are revealed.


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