Eli Farinango

Photographer and Visual Storyteller
Location: NYC & Hamilton, Canada
Nationality: Canadian
Biography: Eli Farinango is a Kichwa artist and visual storyteller, born in Kichwa territory (Quito, Ecuador) and raised in Algonquin territory (Ottawa, Canada). Through her lens she explores the vastness and beauty of the healing journey while making... MORE
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Updated Jan 2023
Wilkay is my personal narrative that speaks on the resiliency of the heart and spirit. I share my story of transforming and healing from the abuse I’ve experienced at different times in my life and the realities of being an indigenous woman in a patriarchal colonial society. In Kichwa, Wilkay means altar, and the process of creating this body of work is a ceremonial experience that weaves in my own spiritual practice, ancestral memory and my search for empowerment outside of the limitations placed on my body.


Wilkay is the first chapter of Runa Kawsay, a transmedia project that explores nuances of Kichwa Indigenous identity from the personal experiences of the Kichwa community living on Turtle Island (North America)

This project is currently in progress.

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