Eli Farinango

Photographer and Visual Storyteller
Healing Through Remembering
Location: NYC & Hamilton, Canada
Nationality: Canadian
Biography: Eli Farinango is a Kichwa artist and visual storyteller, born in Kichwa territory (Quito, Ecuador) and raised in Algonquin territory (Ottawa, Canada). Through her lens she explores the vastness and beauty of the healing journey while making... MORE
Public Story
Healing Through Remembering
Copyright Eli Farinango 2023
Date of Work Jan 2018 - Ongoing
Updated Mar 2022
Location Otavalo, Ecuador
Topics Conceptual, Documentary, Fine Art, Indigenous Narratives, Landscape, Personal Projects, Photography, Spotlight
healing through remembering narrates the experience of my return to my traditional territories to learn about healing with my grandmother. 
Began in 2018, healing through remembering is an intimate story of learning about traditional medicines, intergenerational trauma, and remembering of personal ceremony
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