Francesco Anselmi

Borderlands, an American journey
Location: Milan
Nationality: Italian
Biography: Born 1984 in Milan, Francesco lives between Italy and the United States. He graduated at The International Center of Photography receiving the New York Times Foundation Scholarship. His work focuses on social issues and ongoing changes involving... MORE
Public Story
Borderlands, an American journey
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Date of Work Apr 2017 - Ongoing
Updated Dec 2022
Location US border
Topics Activism, Black and White, Border, Borders, Community, Daily life, Desert, Discrimination, Documentary, Dreams, Drug Abuse, Dying/Death, Family, Freedom, Gangs, Hope, Human Rights, Illegal Trafficking, Immigration, Latin America, Loss, Militias, Motherhood, Oppression, Parenting & Family, Photography, Poverty, Racism, Religion, Violence, Youth
In the history of the human species one of the key factors in determining the evolution of peoples has been the presence of geographical barriers between populations.

Mountains, oceans and deserts limited the sharing of knowledge and technology, slowing the progress of certain areas of the world over others.

That same history saw men seeking solutions to overcome those natural barriers and at the same time building artificial ones: walls to defend ourselves from whom we identify as enemy, from whom might weaken us and undermine our identity.

After thousands of years, these two thrusts -of research for progress and conservation- they are unchanged.

Under a wall at the center of political debate, who they are, what they live and what they choose the true protagonists of a no men's land.
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